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Bikini Risque produces beachwear exclusively for our customers only and will never produce swimwear or beachwear for anyone else.

Why would we, when we know our customers will be more than delighted with their purchase and return for that unique quality and style only we can provide. We design and manufacture everything in our Bikini Risque range so you can be confident you’re buying from a company that follows a quality-driven process from inception of design through to wear.

We always strive for excellence to give you what you expect and deserve. Every single day.

But if you do happen to have any comments or questions about our products, please fill out the form below and we will answer you just as soon as we can.

If you are enquiring about an order you have placed with us, please be sure to include the order number and any other relevant information.
Thank you so much for your feedback!

The Bikini Risque Team.

Address Looking Four Co., Ltd. 39/30 PhoKaew Place,Nawamin rd.,Bueng Kum Bangkok, Thailand 10240

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