Ladies, on a beach full of little girls, do you want to show that you’re a woman in your best bikini of 2017?If your answer is “hell yes” Bikini Risque has some great news.

They’re rolling out a brand new line and it’s hot. The looks are fresh, eclectic and far from the ordinary hum-drum swimwear that you see clogging up all of those roadside shops. Bikini Risque only uses the finest material, none of that cheap garbage spandex that will disintegrate in the wash, so you can be assured that each suit is crafted with care and pride. With great craftsmanship and cost-effective pricing, you’ll get suits that are Victoria Secret Swimwear quality at prices you can afford.

You’re already familiar with Bikini Risque’s existing fashions. From bandeaus to sporty tops, tankini swimwear, high waisted swimsuits, tankini tops, sultry one-pieces and mix and match bikinis, their innovation and creative designs are revolutionizing the bikini industry.   Bikini Risque specializes in bringing you affordable, well-made pieces at a fraction of the price of other designers. Bikini Risque’s products are designed with a singular goal- to showcase your body in the best possible way while providing you with maximum comfort!

Ready to stand out and shine like the superstar you are in your best bikini of 2017? Check out what’s new from Bikini Risque and you’ll never again wonder if sex on the beach is only a drink!


Fetching 1

Fetching 1 is a suit that will get you noticed. It’s the seductive siren in the corner of a smoky bar, sipping her single malt scotch and meeting the gaze of everyone with the cool appraisal of a woman who knows her full worth. Fetching 1 has a little something that the others don’t have in the form of cheeky armbands that transform its bandeau top into a sultry off the shoulder crop top. Couple the design with simple yet elegant patterns and you have a knockout bombshell of a bikini that leaves the others light years behind. This bikini is peerless and in a league of its own. Unleash the potent cocktail of sexy and sophisticated.

The Fetching 1 is fierce to the core and Bikini Risque’s craftsmanship is apparent in every detail, especially the delicate bands of contrasting or complimenting color designed to draw the eye to just the right places. It comes with detachable sleeves, so this sexy bandeau can double as a cute top if you want to take your look from the beach to the club. Wear all three pieces together for a cutting-edge look that won’t be duplicated anywhere on the beach, or just the top and bottom for stylish sunbathing. The colors are neutral enough that you can even mix and match with your other favorite Bikini Risque tankini tops or high waisted swimsuits for a whole new look! The Fetching 1 comes in matte dark navy with contrasting crimson, matte yellow and matte sapphire, a steal at $65 so unlike pricier items such as Victoria Secret swimwear you can buy several for multiple incredible beach looks!



Fetching 2

Fetching 2 is not for the faint of heart. It’s a bold look that shows you own your sexuality and seductive power.   The adorable micro-bikini that looks innocent on the rack but roars alive with raw magnetism when it’s showcasing your rack. After all, you didn’t just come to the beach to chill and tan, right? Since the bikini was invented it’s been shrinking in size to maximize allure, culminating in the microkini, the ultimate in sexy beachwear. Move over Victoria Secret Swimwear! Get your power on with Fetching 2.

The triangular classic bikini top is specifically designed to lift and separate your girls. Perfect boost, just the best coverage, and no sagging! The bottoms are just the right amount of revealing with flirty tied sides to show off your playful side. Feeling a little more modest? Pair the top with your favorite Bikini Risque high waisted swimsuit bottoms. Either look is fantastic! This teeny-weenie bikini gets its staying power from the hand-stitched superior material that won’t shift or let you down. Proof that the best things come in the smallest packages, Fetching 2 comes in classic black, matte yellow and matte dark navy. Get instant appeal with the best bikini of 2017 available for only $65 each.


Formative 1

Formative 1 is the quintessential Bond Girl, the one who can match James Bond in wits, brains, and skill all while looking foxy. Formative 1 is provocative, fresh and smart. It doesn’t conform to the usual beachwear style, daring instead to be a sultry one-piece that commands respect and attention. All eyes will be on you in Formative 1. Intriguing and captivating, you’re the woman that everyone wants to get to know. Who spread that dumbass lie that one-pieces were boring? Bikini Risque knows better! Don’t limit yourself to bikinis or tankini swimwear. Check out Formative 1 and get your inner Bond Girl on!

Formative 1 is no ordinary one piece. No unflattering skirts or bunchy material here, just daring cuts and edgy lines designed to exhilarate and arouse. Formative 1 is a masterpiece of design, exposing your back for sultry, understated sexiness. In front, the girls get a boost from a deep V. A cheeky bow at the neck and bottoms that will keep your butt high and looking fly. Pick your poison; matte black, matte crimson and matte sapphire, or better yet- let your freak flag fly and get one of each. Why not? At $65 the Formative 1 is as affordable as it is alluring.



Strong is sexy.   Inspired-1 is the girl next door of two-piece suits, a new kind of tankini swimwear that is creative, flirty and fun. The tankini top has more coverage than suits you usually see at the beach, which is precisely what gives it its flair. There’s a subtle bit of mystery, a dash of sporty fun and approachability. This is a suit that can is as functional as it is fabulous. Who says you have your tits out to be sexy?

Sporty and coy, you can really see the quality of Bikini Risque’s craftsmanship and design in this piece. The contrasting piping on the top and bottoms is modern, chic and pulls the eye to just the right places. Inspired 1 comes in matte black/matte white, matte crimson/dark navy and matte sapphire/matte crimson. Strong is sexy! Embrace it, ladies. At $75 apiece, these sporty two-pieces fit into any budget.




Are you a sucker for old-timey movies? The Femme Fatale is an iconic character; enduring, unrivaled and most of all, timeless. Timely-1 transforms you into the iconic Femme Fatale through its masterful design and calculated appeal. Side effects you’ll experience from Timely-1 are improved self-esteem, swagger and feeling gorgeous and unique, proof that you don’t need to break the bank on Victoria Secret swimwear to look amazing.

What makes Timely-1 so hot? The devil is in the details with this naughty little number! Timely-1 has got to be one of the sultriest two-pieces out there, even giving micro-bikinis a run for their money. This piece could be your personal best bikini of 2017. The secret is a sly little cut on top and bottom where the fabric is replaced by netting, giving it a “last of the 7 veils” kind of feel. Like a spotlight focused on just the right area—top and bottom, Timely-1 draws attention to your lady bits in a way that’s as alluring as it is mischievous.   The best part? As with all Bikini Risque suits, Timely-1 mix and matches well. Swap out the top for one of your favorite tankini tops.   Go all matte white, or, if you’re feeling dramatic, try matte black with white netting. Are you ready to be a beach vixen? Get Timely-1 for only $75 apiece.



Clean lines and an artistic approach make Timely-2 a bikini that’s as sharp and stylish as it is sexy. An ultra-current combination of saturated color and netting are what you need to make waves this summer and stop them in their tracks when you enter the room. Timely-2 was built for the modern goddess, one who embracing traditional sex appeal with a modernistic spin that is almost future cool.

Timely-2 is a cute twist on Timely-1, combining color blocking with classic netting to give you a contemporary, sexy look with a new take on high waisted swimsuit bottoms. As with all Bikini Risque products, Timely-2 is hand-sewn so even the cheeky touches of netting will last for multiple washes. Durability and sexiness! These expertly designed pieces use color cleverly to showcase your best features and with Bikini Risque’s solid craftsmanship you can be assured that there will be no slips or mishaps. Timely-2 is available in matte dark navy/matte black and matte paprika/matte black for only $75 each.


From the white sand beaches of the Hawaii to the breathtaking islands of the South Pacific, summer is upon us and it’s time for you to get out there and show off your best beachwear. Tankini swimwear! Micro Bikinis! Tankini tops and chic bottoms! High waisted swimsuits! One-pieces with flair! What’s your best bikini of 2017? Why spend a week’s salary on expensive Victoria Secret Swimwear, when you can look just as fabulous in a Bikini Risque piece? From Bali to the Bahamas, Bikini Risque girls are known for their edgy style and unparalleled sex appeal. You know them by their confident walk, and the way they command attention wherever they go. Bikini Risque swimsuits are made of the finest spandex and they do not cut costs on materials, so every suit, from tankini swimwear to micro bikinis fit perfectly and will not slip or sag. From the sea to the sand, to the pool bar, to the club, they will stay put and keep you looking your absolute best all day long. Hand-sewn and crafted with care and love, Bikini Risque swimsuits reflect the most modern tastes and contemporary spins on tried and true classic looks, using creative combinations of color and fabric to craft alluring and sensual looks that demand attention.

Check out Bikini Risque’s new line and come into your own this summer. Are you a seductress in Fetching-1? How about a stunner in Fetching-2? Perhaps you’re more of a Bond Girl, clad in a daring one piece like Formative-1. Are you the approachable and alluring girl next door in Inspired-1, or the sexy siren in Timely-1? Maybe you’ve embraced your inner modern goddess in Timely-2.

Whatever fits your fancy, Bikini Risque’s new line has you covered, with prices that give you the leisure of mixing and matching or buying multiples of your favorite. Be the “It girl” on the beach this season, in a new look from Bikini Risque.

Blog post by Matteo Ianna

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