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What a stirring range for a Stunning appearance on the beach or poolside. And what a fantastic choice in a collection that’s sure to stun anyone who even glances in your direction. Impeccably cut singularly stringed or multi-stringed tops offer elasticated or zip closures. These sincerely Stunning tops are matched with similarly stringed bottoms offering thongs or “fuller-coverage” at the back depending on your preference.

Stunning is the absolutely correct word for this, without any doubt! Any woman wearing this will not only feel stunning but probably overhear some whispers acknowledging the same. Superbly tri-strung at the sides, this bikini will not only have people whispering, but talking for sure. Elasticated tops along with differing styles offered for thong-style bottoms or fuller coverage bottoms.

Three string bikini equals new ways to fit.Definitive new styling

Stunning FC also is available in a “Full Cover” design.

Size guide


Camouflage Grey, Chocolate Natural, Royal Blue

Bottom Style

Fullcover, G-string

Top Size

X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large

Bottom Size

X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large


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