Chic Bottom


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You can see that this two-piece is only going to attract looks from admirers. Never one to shy away, when wearing this youŠ—’ll know how it feels to be the belle of the ball! Chic is sometimes called our most provocative bikini as it has that certain appeal that we simply canŠ—’t put into words Š—– the French say Š—“”je ne sais quoiŠ—” but we just donŠ—Èt know what to say!! Š—“”Seeing is believingŠ—Š—”

Hip and stylish.Hip; and fits comfortably on your hips.Relaxed fitting for who you want to be. Great soft fabric choices for this string bikini

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Fishnet Blue, Lace White, Zig Zag


X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, +Large


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