Fall is right around the corner, but there’s still time to hit the beach and enjoy the summer of 2017. Ladies, don’t pack up your beach bag and pull out your sweaters just yet. There’s still a little more time to catch some rays and enjoy the seaside, but make sure you do it in the freshest style with Bikini Risque. 2017 was a breakthrough year and Bikini Risque can help you up your game and make the most of the last remaining weeks of the 2017 beach season.

Start by snagging a seductive swimming costume. 2017 was truly a year for trendsetting and breaking limits! From fearless micro bikinis to alluring monokinis, this summer you can pick your flavor of sexy from full-on to muted or anywhere in between.

Don’t kiss summer goodbye until you’ve read our six freshest beachwear trends of 2017, along with our favorite picks from Bikini Risque’s amazing 2017 summer catalog. Bikini Risque’s products are hand-crafted using the finest materials possible, making them stylish and long-lasting so you’ll enjoy your Bikini Risque suit well into the 2018 season. For the last few weeks of August, we’ll help you pick your poison and end the season with a bang!

Turn Heads With Creative Cuts

2017 turned the boring one-piece into a glamorous seaside star with daring cuts and innovative styles that challenged convention. We haven’t seen cuts like these before. 2017 elevated one and two pieces with jaw-dropping cut outs and sexy lines designed to draw the eye and flatter in the most ideal fashion possible. Bikini Risque’s Luxurious Series takes this trend to the next level. The original Luxurious lets you unleash your wild side with hip animal prints. Choose from zebra, tiger or peacock. This bold monokini features deep cutaways on either side for ultimate flattery. Luxurious 2 spins the concept with a joyful palette of color reminiscent of a tropical coral reef. Want to show off your sensual side with a touch more coverage? Check out Bikini Risque’s Sensuous 4 an innovative one-sleeved one-piece featuring whimsical patterns like dragon and graffiti. For next-level swimwear try Bikini Risque’s Alluring 2 set on for size. The gold-standard of minimalist sultry, Alluring 2 is both inviting and classy with contrasting colors and clever cuts.

Show off your Sporty Side

Everyone knows about the appeal of the mini bikini, but sporty inspired swimming costumes can be just as fetching. This trend blew up in 2017, proving that a marriage between sporty and sexy is just what you need to stand out of the beach! As a bonus, these suits tend to have a little more coverage on top, meaning that you’ll be able to take your sporty suit for a swim without fear of a wardrobe malfunction. For a fun twist on this trend, look no further than Bikini Risque’s Sporty 2 Set , which combines a flattering and functional two-piece with clean geometric patterns in mesh and spandex. Choose from three complementary color combinations for your best look. Or blend creative cut outs with a sporty feel with Bikini Risque’s Stunning 2 Set, which fuses eye-catching colors with extreme bikini bottoms. Want more bottom coverage? Bikini Risque allows you the option to choose a fuller bottom, but the mix of a modest neon top with skimpy bottoms is undeniably fresh, unexpected and guaranteed to stand out. For functional suits with flair, Bikini Risque’s Sporty Set does the trick. With a full coverage top and bottoms covered in neon tropical swirls of color, this versatile suit can go from the beach to the club without missing a beat. Buy the set together, or separately. It mixes well with other Bikini Risque tops and bottoms so you can customize your perfect sporty look!

Be a Time Traveler

2017 might have been a trend setting year, but two of their hottest looks give a shout out to past eras and also look towards the future. Retro high waisted bottoms edged out traditional bikinis as sexy beach stars. If you suffer from a puffy tummy, high waisted bottoms are the answer to your prayers because they can camouflage or minimize a belly. No six pack? No problem! Bikini Risque tapped into the trend with their Timely 2 Bottom, part of their sensuous Timely 2 set that, like all Bikini Risque swimwear, you can mix and match. High waisted with netting, Timely 2 Bottom invokes an earlier era while still staying modern. Choose from black, dark navy, yellow or paprika. Bikini Risque’s Sportive 3  is reminiscent of the glamour and sophistication of old Hollywood. With understated detail and classic color combinations, Sportyve 3 would look right at home on Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis or Rita Hayworth and will draw all eyes to you on the beach. Futuristic and cutting edge patterns are all the rage and no other suit embodies this trend like Bikini Risque’s Stylish 2 Set. With flirty zippers and futuristic patterns, Stylish 2 Set is a refreshing spin on this trend. Bikini Risque’s Bikini Independent 2 uses only the finest spandex to create a two-toned masterpiece that you can buy in Lilac or Merlot. Show off your stuff in the last remaining weeks of summer!

Get Your Girly Spin On

Contrasting Pink MixIn 2017 women in the know tap into their girlish side with flirty ruffles and patterns. These swimsuits are all grown up, with understated girly details that provide an unexpected pop of frill or lace. Bikini Risque combines girly details with sexy cuts for an interesting juxtaposition sure to turn heads at the beach. Their Sassy 4 Set is the perfect example of how ruffle detail and simple polka dots can enhance your beach wear and really draw the eye. The details on the Sassy 4 Set are prominent without being overwhelming. Choose between hot pink, chocolate, and matte black. Or check out the Contrasting 2 Set, with its bandeau top and fun patterns. The Contrasting 2 Set is a steal at only $39.00 so you’d be a fool not to pick up at least one to make the most of the final days of summer. Feeling extra daring? Bikini Risque’s Chic 3 Set is an adventurous extreme bikini that is a lacy seaside stunner and comes in black, white and sable. Bikini Risque’s popular Dainty Set lets your natural beauty shine in an adorable bikini that provides ample bottom coverage with a flirtier top. Choose from two patterns; athlete collage or money.

It’s in the Details

2017 proved that the sexy is in the details, by adding sultry twists in unexpected ways. Lace ups were particularly in fashion during early 2017 and only gained popularity as the season went on. Lace ups let you customize your level of sexy and are sultry details that can take any swimsuit to the next level. Bikini Risque captured this trend perfectly with it’s hot Brazen 2 mini bikini. Available in dusty rose, mallard and natural; Brazen 2 is a minimalist suit that combines flashes of saturated color with delicate gold chain detail for a supercharged two piece that is both bold and original. Drawing from the futuristic trend, Bikini Risque’s Enchanting 2 utilizes lace up masterfully to flatter your body in a way that’s both sensuous and refined. As with all Bikini Risque products, these suits are made only from the finest materials, so you can enjoy them for several summers to come. Enchanting 2 comes in gold, millard, and steel. Creative details aren’t just for two-pieces or mini bikinis! Bikini Risque’s Fashionable one-piece can be customized to have padding and comes in zebra or tiger prints with a flirty side detail that draws the eye to the slimmest part of your waist. The Fashionable one-piece really masters the art of combining sex appeal with full coverage, making it an understated stand-out star of their 2017 collection.

Break out the Bright Colors

Tropical climates and balmy beaches call for bright pops of color that mimic the scenery in cute and fresh ways. 2017 was the year of super saturated colors and fierce combinations! Neon blues, pinks, yellows and turquoise blues reminiscent of coral reefs and tropical landscapes took center stage in 2017. Bikini Risque’s Sportyve Set is an excellent example of how bold bursts of color can make a standard bikini shine! Bright swirls of color star in their inspired piece of swimwear with yellow, pink, blue and green standing out expertly against a black backdrop. Bikini Risque’s Lilac Set matches a brightly hued top with bottoms that feature an intergalactic explosion of color for a fun take on this trend that also draws a bit from the futuristic trend of 2017. Bikini Risque’s Bikini Irresistible is the only micro bikini you’ll ever need, although at an affordable $49.00 you might want to pick up multiples! Deep, saturated colors make this suit pop. Choose from matte hibiscus, milli matte chocolate, royal milli shiny or shiny lilac.

Don’t waste the last weeks of summer. 2017 was a year of innovation and with Bikini Risque’s affordable prices and customizable bikinis, and two-piece suits made of the finest materials guaranteed to last for several seasons, there’s no reason not to take advantage of these trends! Choose your favorite 2017 trend, whether it’s creative cut outs, sporty and flirty suits, girly details, bright colors, futuristic details, retro looks, or dramatic details. Bikini Risque has the right suit for you. As an added bonus, the swimsuit you buy from Bikini Risque will last well into the 2018 season, ensuring that you’ll hit the beach next year looking fresh and stylish.

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